Expert Extermination
for Wasp Infestations


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Wasp Nest Control based in Ashford, Middlesex

At Wasp Nest Control, we specialise in handling emergency appointments for homes and businesses with a serious wasp infestation. Based in Ashford, Middlesex, we offer highly effective wasp nest extermination and bee relocation services.

Timely & Thorough
When you have a wasp nest, you need professional assistance from fully insured experts that guarantee results.

Once you contact us, we strive to arrive within the hour. Our flexible 24-hour service allows for evening visits as well.

After we eradicate the wasps on your property, we can advise on how to take steps to prevent wasps from coming back to nest at your property. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed, and our goal is for everyone to be happy with the results of our work.

Our team has the experience and resources to exterminate wasps in a variety of locations, including:

• Houses
• Lofts
• Businesses
• Bushes
• Sheds
• Ground

• Greenhouses
• Outhouses


Contact us in Ashford, Middlesex, when you need expert wasp control and help with your infestation problem.